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Media Literacy Reference
This article considers the impact of the increasing use of the visual mode in texts found in urban landscapes on two 3-year-olds’ understanding of communication practices. The data discussed are taken from a study into a group of 3- to 6-year-olds’ interaction with and emerging comprehension of the visual mode...
Media Literacy Reference
This article looks at the way in which the changing visual environment affects education at two levels: in communication patterns and research methodologies. The research considers differences in the variance and quantity of types of visual media and their relationship to the written mode in the urban landscapes of Tokyo...
Media Literacy Reference
This article explores the ways a young child’s play revealed his understanding of technology in contextual and decontextualized ways. The child, James, spent a year (age 21/2 to 31/2) learning how to share CD-ROM storybooks with his mother, who was also the researcher. James’s experience with the hypertext of CD-ROM...
Media Literacy Reference
This article begins by exploring the graphical, hypertextual, interactive elements of children’s literature, and then compares those elements to the charactertistics of writing taught in early elementary school writing instruction. Here, we can explore the forms, perspectives, characterizations, and subject matters being modeled through the teaching methods and through interactive...
Hakutuloksia 4 - näytetään 1 - 4  

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