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Media Literacy Reference
The debate surrounding the ethics of advertising to children generally centres on the age at which children have developed sufficient cognitive resources both to understand the persuasive intent of marketing messages and to critically evaluate them. In this paper we argue that this debate requires urgent updating to take into...
Media Literacy Reference
The article explains a few of the challenges faced by marketers in the Netherlands. It further highlights the Reklame Rakkers media literacy programme, based on the Media Smart programme in the UK. Reklame Rakkers forms a unique alliance between the government, the media, consumer and non-profit organizations, universities, organizations, industry...
Media Literacy Reference
Discusses initiatives to promote media literacy in children in Great Britain and Europe. Overview of the debate on the issue of advertising and promotion to children; Arguments against advertising to children; Proposals for global and regional restrictions on the advertising of certain food products; Regulation and self-regulation; Political support for...
Media Literacy Reference
Focuses on the debate over the promotion of foods to children in Great Britain. Regulatory framework on children's advertising; Food Standards Agency's Action Plan on Food Labelling; Question of whether to ban children's advertising; Details of a Media Literacy initiative targeted at children.
Media Literacy Reference
Advertising aimed at adults — i.e., concerned with products and services appropriate to adults — is very often seen by children. This paper aims to illustrate when that being advertised is inappropriate to the child audience, message meaning will be gleaned from the peripheral coding mechanisms in the advertising. It...
Media Literacy Reference
Presents an interview with Paul Jackson, chairman of Media Smart, a media literacy program. Functions of the program; Record of its success in British schools; Expansion to other European countries; Ways in which the Media Smart program works; Information on the modules which are provided by Media Smart to teachers;...
Hakutuloksia 6 - näytetään 1 - 6  

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