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Text lesson

Exercise 2. Roles in social media videos

The questions are reflection exercises for groups of 2–4 pupils.

The teacher may choose some videos or let the pupils select their own video or videos. Watch the videos and answer the questions.

What roles does the video feature? (The roles can also be narrated; not all performers are necessary visible in the video)

The roles may include, for example, victim, winner, loser, bystander, good, evil, helper

  • Who wins and who loses in the video?
  • In your opinion, what is the message of the video, what does it try to tell us?
  • Why did you choose this particular thing as the message of the video? Is the message important? Provide reasoning or evidence to support your answer.
  • Bonus task: rate the video using the following scale

1p. = the video did not affect us in any way

2p. = it was nice to watch the video, and it made us think about its topic

3p. = the video was powerful and interesting, and it changed our views on the topic

Text: Saara Martikka

Image: Siru Tirronen