Explore the phenomenon: Deepfake

The internet contains a lot of both reliable and incorrect or intentionally misleading information. This information influences people’s knowledge and views and also comes to guide their actions and choices. Awareness of the phenomena related to unreliable information and learning to recognise their characteristics pays off.

Familiarise yourself with deepfakes by watching the video and completing the exercises.

The media landscape of children and young people keeps changing, with new phenomena following each other back-to-back. Providing pupils with tools for understanding and processing these phenomena is important. This learning package is part of Pathways to New Media Phenomena – Information and Exercise Materials Series. The series includes information and exercises for the teacher and the pupils. You can explore new phenomena in a meaningful way with the help of the How to discuss new media literacy phenomena through pedagogical means method. 

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Deepfake video and exercises

What is a deepfake and how can you recognise one?