Empathy Path

Empathy Path is a learning resource created by Digiseikkailu Ltd. Their learning materials were born from the need and joy of producing current teaching material for the pedagogy of ICT skills and media skills.

Digiseikkailu’s Empathy Path is part of the Finland-wide Empathy Package, which provides tools for families and teachers to communicate more empathetically online. Digital adventure is designed to support the child’s growth-conscious media use. Its task types encourage the child to think empathy, communication skills and the importance of community in their media use. Digital adventure supports with its tasks in the management of concepts and methods of technological skills, as well as helping the teacher to limit and to evaluate media and technology education projects.

Using digital adventure, it’s fun to teach media and multi-literacy skills as well as technology skills with high quality, regardless of the teacher’s experience.

Introduction to the Learning Resouce

Empathy Path by Digiadventures