Digital Gold Miners: Big Data

Information and activities regarding big data on the Internet

How do Facebook ads know where I’d like to travel? How can individual search words help in predicting a flu epidemic? How can the information I share online help millions of others?

The information given by and collected from individual Internet users is cumulated into an enormous mass called big data. Analysing the information scattered across the Internet contains great possibilities, and it also raises many questions. Big data is like a digital gold mine of our time. The Digital Gold Miners guidebook contains basic information and assignments regarding big data. It focuses particularly on the collection of Internet users’ information as well as the intended use of the collected information.

The material can be used to give thought to your own role as a provider and user of information. The goal is to support active and responsible citizenship and offer tools for the management of information and lifein the digital age.

Download the booklet or read online (14 pages).