Children & Media – a Handbook for Parents and Guardians

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The family in the changing world of media

Today, media plays a big part in the lives of children. Even though media culture may be changing, bringing up and educating children is pretty much as it ever was. In families with children, the adults do not have to be experts in all media phenomena the children may be interested in. In terms of media, raising children requires first and foremost presence; an interest in the life of the child and the willingness and ability to discuss issues related to media.

Over the past twenty years, the internet in particular has influenced the way the world has changed. For instance, social media, email, digital games and smartphones have significantly altered our approaches to social interaction, free time and ways of working. With the internet, the world has shrunk: news, new innovations and mobile applications are available around the world pretty much immediately. Many of the questions related to the use of the internet are important topics in this handbook.

The Children & Media Handbook is a concise review of media as a part of family life, exploring the media content used by children and their meaning in everyday life. The handbook provides links for accessing further information. In addition, the various chapters include useful tips on how to discuss media use in your family and seek the best ways your family can enjoy media from day to day.

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Children & Media – a Handbook for Parents and Guardians