He is just playing – Educator’s guide

The educator’s guide for the video He is just playing

He’s just playing is a story targeted at students in secondary school or older. lt’s a story about a teenager, Eppu, who plays computer games several hours a day. ln the video Eppu reflects on the benefits and harms of playing games, how his parents feel about it, and his own future as a gamer. The story covers the topics gaming as a hobby, moderate and excessive gaming, and the attitudes of his parents regarding gaming.

lt’s good to start off with some related questions.

  • Do you play digital games yourself? How much do you play?
  • How do you think youth gaming is viewed?
  • Do you have agreed rules at home when it comes to playing?
  • Do you know someone who you think plays too much?

Watch the video online and discuss according to the instructions in the booklet.


He is just playing – Educator’s guide